2011 Tony Award Nominations

Yesterday the 2011 Tony Award nominations were announced!  You can read the full list here. I’m very happy to see the Book of Mormon with 14 nominations. Ever since the first South Park movie, I’ve felt that Trey Parker and Matt Stone knew what they were doing when it came to musical theatre.  Many people nowadays equate musical comedy with making fun of musicals.  However Trey and Matt have always understood that you can get HUGE laughs while respecting the craft at the same time.  Even though the subject matter may be completely ridiculous, their songs always come from someplace real within their story and from their characters.  Trust me, writing funny, funny songs that respect the craft is incredibly hard to do. Congrats to all the nominees!  And now that we know Chris Rock will not be hosting the awards this year, I wonder who it will be?  

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