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Happy Mother’s Day…

To all the MOM’s who… …drop off and pick up their child every day from play practice. …apply make-up to our actors so they don’t get lost in the stage lights. …calm our actors so they don’t get caught up in stage fright. …help their child rehearse their lines so they come to rehearsal always prepared. …sew, mend and create dozens of beautiful costumes. …build incredible sets on a shoe-string budget. …raise money from local businesses to make sure the show can actually go on. …roam the city looking for cheap props. …provide encouragement to the directors/teachers when they’re feeling anxious. …fill the theatre on opening night by buying tickets for an entourage of family and friends. …make every child feel like a star when the show is over.

To all the mom’s who have helped out in any little way to make a show a success, know that we could never do it without you.  Happy Mother’s Day!


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