Act One Scene 1 Presents NOBLE GNARBLE With 117 Actors [PHOTO]

Act One Scene 1, a summer theatre program in Brockton, MA, presented Journey of the Noble Gnarble on August 3-4th.  Their production involved 117 actors!  (Ages 10-16) Here’s what the director, Matt Cunningham, had to say about the experience:
Hi Denver, I am happy to say that things went VERY, VERY well this past weekend. We had a great turnout and it seemed as though the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show. They went WILD at the end when Joey (our Gnarble) “saw sky” and appeared at the top of the ocean! People have had nothing but positive things to say about it. Moreover, our 117 students thoroughly enjoyed performing in the Gnarble. They had a blast singing your ever-so-catchy score and acting out this fun, fresh, and FIN-tastic story. (…and I had so much fun teaching it). The comment from both our students and staff was that the music is catchy and easy to sing. I had high school kids who were techies for the show ask if there was a CD available, they loved it so much. When Carol stumbled upon this show a few weeks ago, I knew she had found something special, and I truly believe it is a gem! It is wonderful to know that people like you are writing quality pieces of children’s theatre. In its 37 years of existence, Act One Scene 1 has never really done anything like the Gnarble, so it was quite a big undertaking for us this year, but very exciting and rewarding for all involved. Once again thanks for everything and I hope you keep coming out with more of these spectacular shows because I think it has great potential to be an even bigger success than it already is! Best, Matt Cunningham
Here’s a pic from the finale! Noble Gnarble Kids Plays Cast — Beat by Beat Press believes in the power of musical theatre to inspire children. That’s why we create new and exciting children’s plays and school musicals for kids to perform.

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