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“The production was a great success and everyone loved it…”

Today we received some kind words from Harry Evans, who recently directed We Are Monsters at Willow Grove Primary School in Victoria, Australia.

play for kids at willow grove school“Hi Denver, Thanks for your email. The production was a great success and everyone loved it.

We are a small rural school with eighty students and all the students from Prep to year 6 were involved. We do a production every year and We Are Monsters is being hailed as the best ever. 

The children gained so much confidence from learning and performing their lines and they really got into their roles. We have never had so many students sing solos and these were a real hit with the audience. The audience also enjoyed the humour and the audience involvement.

The concert will be remembered as a real highlight. Everyone loved the script, music and songs. One of my students asked me today if we can get another play from Beat by Beat for next year. There is a DVD being put together. I will see how it looks when it is finished. However you might find We Are Monsters with an Aussie twist a bit frightening. Thanks for a great show. Cheers, Harry”

Thank you, Harry, for taking a risk on new children’s theatre.

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