Drama Game: Exploring the Space

Kids Exploring SpaceType: Ensemble Building, Warm-Up


  • To get students familiar with their environment
  • To get students to work together as a group


A big enough space for the entire class to walk around comfortably.


  • Ask the students to spread across the room.
  • Tell them when you tell them to they will start walking around the space.
  • As they walk they should try to cover the space, making sure that they are evenly spread across the floor.
  • They should be aware of each other but should not speak or communicate in any way.
  • They should try to keep in motion at all times but be careful not to touch anyone.
  • Tell them go.
  • As they walk tell them that you will tell them to stop –  at which point they should all freeze.
  • Let them get used to walking and stopping.
  • The cover the space activity has many variations:
  • Students can cover the space in pairs or in threes.
  • You can ask them to vary their speed giving them instructions to walk at a 1 pace to 10 pace, 10 being the fastest.
  • You can ask them once they have stopped to make different shapes with others, for example one square, 2 triangles.
  • You can ask them to form groups based on the colors they are wearing, or the colors of their eyes, or the type of top they are wearing, or the type of music they listen to.
  • These are all silent activities – it is always interesting to see how students figure out how to arrange themselves by taste in music without talking.
  • You can play around with any of these variations that all teach teamwork, awareness and communication,

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