Drama Game: Mirror (4 Person Variation)

Type:  Ensemble Building, Focus.

Mirror ActivityPurpose:

  • A great way to get students aware of body movement and working together
  • It is best to do this after students have done some mirror exercises.


  • Students create four person circles (or squares, you could say) and assign numbers – 1, 2, 3, and 4 – to each student
  • You explain that you will call out a number. The person with that number will be the leader and will start moving SLOWLY so that the three other students can follow their moves.
  • The point is for the four students to look like they are moving as one – so that no one from the outside could tell who the leader is.
  • You will give each number about one minute to be the leader, coaching them on going more slowly and really being aware.
  • After one round, let the groups change the numbers again and open up a competition. You will again call out numbers – and change more quickly if they need a better challenge – as you and the other instructors walk around the room and try to guess who the leaders are.
  • Groups will be tapped out as you are able to figure out who is leading.
  • The last team standing wins.


  • Of course use your judgment in tapping out teams – trying to tap out teams that clearly are not in sync. If groups are really excellent, tell them that there is no leader – that they have to move as one without having any leader.

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