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Drama Game: Group Count (1 to 10)

Type:  Ensemble Building, Focus.

Purpose:  I’ve found this is a great game to play if having teamwork, discipline or respect issues within a group.  It’s extremely simple, but manages to focus the entire teams’ energy on one simple task.  When the goal is accomplished, the ensemble automatically feels a little stronger.

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1.  Actors stand in circle and look at the floor.

2.  Any actor will start by saying “one.”

3.  Any other actor will continue by saying “two” and so on until you reach “ten”.

4.  If any two players say a number at the same time the group must start again at “one”.





1 thoughts on “Drama Game: Group Count (1 to 10)

  1. Celene says:

    I just learned this, but when two Pple speak simultaneously, the group attempts to clap once in unison (without any conducting, just by full-body listening) and then start over.

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