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Drama Game: Morph the Movement

Type: Ensemble Building/Creativity

Purpose:Kid Dancing

A good game for a medium or large sized group, Morph the Movement is a great physical warm up with a focus on spontaneity and trusting your instincts.


1.  Players stand in a circle.

2.  One player starts by choosing a physical action with repetitive motion (i.e. digging)

3.  The player to their right begins to imitate their action so that now, two players are performing identical actions.

4.  Once the first players feels that the second has adopted the action to his satisfaction he stops the movement.

5.  The second player now begins to loosen his action and exaggerate the movement and lets it morph until he has found a new action (i.e. throwing a ball). It should be noted that this is most productive when the transition is gradual, a result of a player listening to his own body as opposed to thinking of an alternate action.

6.  Once the player to his right (read Player #3) feels that player #2 has a clear action, he mimics the action.

7.  The morphing of the movement continues until is has reached the end of the circle, at which point it can stop or go around again.

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