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Drama Game: On the Spot

Type:  Creativity

Purpose:  A fun group exercise that forces students to be spontaneous, stretches the imagination, and allows groups to think thematically together


1.  Students sit in a line facing the stage.

2.  Explain that you will announce a theme or topic and that starting at one end of the line, each student will take turns standing up walking on to the “stage” and striking a pose, making a sound and/or motion or creating some other kind of “tableaux” that fits the theme.

3.  For example, if the theme is “sports” one student could stand up and shout “You’re out!” the next could stand up and mime a basketball game, another could just be out of breathe and sweating.

4.  Let every student go up and then go down the line again with the same theme.

5. Keep going even when it seems like there’s nothing else to do – keep pushing the student’s imaginations.  Anything is better than nothing.

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