Drama Game: Environment Charades

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.12.15 PMType:  Ensemble Building, Creativity

Purpose:  A challenging group exercise that allows students to create an environment while working together. It is good to do this after students have been exposed to a significant amount of pantomime/space work (Group Environment, What Are You Doing?, etc.)

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1.  Divide your actors into groups of four or five.

2.  Give each group a two syllable word.  For this example, let’s say “Carrot”

3.  For each syllable, students imagine a “place” that evokes that syllable – in this case students can choose a garage (where cars are) and a garbage dump (where things rot). For each place the group of four decide who they all are and what they are doing in that space.

5.  After scenes are performed the audience guesses the syllables and then the word.

Other Words that Work:

– Nightmare
– Seahorse
– Pillow
– Airplane


–  The point is for students to be using the environment – doing activities that happen in that space. Let them know that relating to each other is not as important as interacting with the environment.

–  This games is challenging and probably only appropriate for advanced students.

Have other ideas for 2-syllable words that would work?  Leave them in the comments below!


1 thoughts on “Drama Game: Environment Charades

  1. Michelle says:

    Love this idea. Here are a couple more examples that I used;
    1. cupcake 2. hairband 3. bookmark 4. shoelace 5. flagship 6. website

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