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Drama Game: Grab a Slip

Type:  Improv, Creativity

Procedure: Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 9.37.01 PM

1.  Create slips of paper with random phrases on them.  (i.e. “The goats left for dinner already”, “Never point at a pine tree”, “Please stop looking at my earlobe”, etc.)

2.  Spread the slips of paper face down on the floor of the stage area.

3.  Ask two or three actors to improvise a scene.

4.  During the improv at random intervals yell “Grab a slip!”.  An actor must bend down in mid-sentence and grab a slip of paper, say the line, and somehow justify the line.


  • Encourage all the actors to do the best they can to stay in character and allow the line to become part of the scene.
    • “Dominoes aren’t meant to be left in the sun.”
    • “Explain yourself, quickly!”
    • “My mouth feels like wet velcro.”  
    • “Never underestimate the importance of clean underwear.”
    • “One time I tried to jump over a peach tree.”
    • “You look like a confused dinosaur.”
    • “Let me brush that for you”
    • “Does my voice sound like a tiny robot?”
    • “If only everyone could see me now!”
    • “I think I’ll go to sleep on that squirrel.”

Have other random phrases?  Leave them in the comments below!  

8 thoughts on “Drama Game: Grab a Slip

  1. Jess says:

    Ladders are lovely this time of year.

    Sometimes I look at the sky, and I see gorillas.

    Hypothetically, I’m running your life.

    VEGAS, BABY!!!

    Let’s get some tootsie rolls and figure this out.

    We’re like purple ducks in a grey pond.

    I keep forgetting that zebras exist.

    We may have potato understanding.

    Is that teddy bear flying the spaceship?

  2. Meaghan says:

    No thanks, I only eat yellow jellybeans.

    I only fart on Mondays.

    Red is my favourite number

    Does this look normal to you?

    You should probably get that checked out

  3. MRM says:

    • Why did you pull the lever. I told you not to pull the lever.
    • WAIT. The side effects of this are WHAT?
    • Stand back. She may be venomous.
    • Be careful, Agent, you may set off an alarm.
    • Where am I and why does my leg hurt so much?
    • Did she say cut the green wire or the red wire?
    • License registration please. AUGH why does it smell like cheese so strongly in here??
    • I’m paying you by the hour. Don’t you know anything besides Taylor Swift songs?
    • I thought you said he was people friendly!
    • Excuse me, is this your anteater?
    • Sorry to disturb you, but I do believe my arm has fallen off.
    • Now Mr. Ronald McDonald, do you know why I pulled you over?
    • Wait weren’t there three bears in the cage before?
    • Alright Jim, my sensors are reading that there are signs of life on this planet.
    • Who invited the caveman to this tea party??
    • How long until the oxygen runs out down here?
    • Captain, I think I see another ship off the port bow!
    • I thought mimes weren’t allowed to talk…
    • Now, son/daughter, it’s 3 in the morning. Why are you coming home so late?
    • We already have a robot butler…why would I want to buy this one?

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