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Drama Game: Narrative, Emotion, Detail (NED)

6Type:  Creativity, Improv


1.  On 3 separate large cards write “N”, “E” and “D”.  These stand for Narrative, Emotion and Detail. 

2.  Ask a player to take the stage and begin telling a story.

3.  Throughout the story, hold up either the “N”, or “E” or “D” card.

4.  If you hold up the “N” card, the actor must add more narration or action to the story.  If you hold up the “E” the player must add more emotion to the story.  If you hold up the “D” the player must add more detail to the story (details about the environment, weather, colors, smell, sounds, etc.)


– Consider giving the cards to individual students in the audience.  Ask them to listen and be in charge of holding up their cards when they feel its needed.

–  Consider playing Conducted Story, but add the cards as an extra element.

–  Consider keeping the cards around for any improv in which you want to challenge the actors to add more action, emotion or detail to their stories.

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