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Drama Game: Gibberish Conversation

Type:  Creativity, Improv Gibberish Conversation


1.  Before playing this game, introduce Gibberish to your students with a game like Gibberish Interpreter.

2.  Ask two students to take the stage. They will be the actors in the scene.

3.  Ask two more students to stand on either side of them.  They will be the interpreters.

4.  Give the actors a topic.  (Or ask for a suggestion from the class.) The first actor speaks a line in gibberish, then his interpreter will translate it into english for the audience.

5.  The second actor then responds in gibberish, while her interpreter translates.

For example:

Topic:  Laundry

  • Actor 1:  Gil frelic neber seber trolli?
  • Interpreter 1:  Is that pleasant smell coming from you?
  • Actor 2:  Poy yoy, beek ploter woter magory.
  • Interpreter 2:  Why yes, last night I washed my clothes in my dad’s cologne. Etc.

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