Drama Game: Splat!

Splat Drama GameType: Warm-up, Focus

Purpose:  A great game to start off a session to warm-up voices and bodies, and get everyone to have some fun.

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1.  Ask the group to make a circle. Teacher stands in the middle.

2.  The teacher throws an imaginary pie at one person in the circle.

3.  That person must duck and the two people on either side throw an imaginary pie at each other and shout “SPLAT!”.

4.  If the first person doesn’t duck, she is out.  If she does duck in time, the last person to throw their pie on either side is out.

5.  Continue until you are down to just two people left.

6. When there are only two people left begin THE DUEL:  The two remaining players stand back to back in the middle of the circle. A category of objects is called out, such as ‘cereal’. Each time the teacher calls out a cereal, the players take one step forward. When an object that is NOT a cereal is called out, they must throw their custard pies. The first to throw the pie is the winner!

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