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Drama Game: Tour Guide

roomType: Creativity

Purpose: To help kids think about environment when creating a scene.


1.  Pair students up. Have them assign one partner “A” and one partner “B”.

2.  Have everyone close their eyes and think of a physical place (Playground, Bedroom, Kitchen, Classroom, Attic, Grandparents’ house, etc.) that is very special to them.

3.  Tell them to picture their place in great detail. Imagine the colors, every object in the space, the lighting, the colors of the walls.

4.  After a few moments, have everyone open their eyes.

5.  Tell Partner “A” to lead Partner “B” on a 2-minute guided tour of their special place, actually walking through the space you are in, but describing the physical details of their memory in absolute detail.

6.  Partner “B” can ask a questions, and the guide may respond briefly. The focus should be on the tour itself.

7.  After 2 minutes have them switch roles and now Partner “B” will lead the tour.

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