Drama Game: Scene From Real Life

chairType: Improv

Purpose:  This is a great game to introduce kids to the skill of directing.


1.  Divide the class into groups of 3-4 students each.

2.  One member of the group must tell the others a true story about an event in his/her life.  Encourage him/her to describe it in as much detail as possible.  This person becomes the “director”.

3.  The director then chooses members of the group to play the various characters involved in the scene (including him/herself).

4.  The actors then improvise the scene in front of the director.

5.  After each run-through, the director should give notes. Then the group improvises the scene again.  The goal of the director is to make the scene as believable as possible. (Because the director is vividly familiar with the real life event, it becomes easier to give notes and adjustments. The skill being developed is the ability to effectively communicate these ideas to actors.)

6.  Once the directors of each group are satisfied with their scenes, have the groups share in front of each other.

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4 thoughts on “Drama Game: Scene From Real Life

  1. Mori Oldcorn says:

    Just wanted to say thanks. I’ve been teaching/coaching in a brand new musical theatre school in Edinburgh,( Scotland) for the past six months. Your site, teaching guide and weekly updates have been invaluable! Keep up the great work! Cheers.

    • bbbpress says:

      I’d give the kids about 1-minute to tell the story, 5 minutes to rehearse and re-rehearse in their groups, then depending on how many groups you have it’ll probably take about 10-15 minutes to share, then a couple minutes to reflect. All-in-all I’d say it’s about a 20-minute activity.

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