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Drama Game: Keeper of the Keys

keysType: Warm-up

Purpose: This is a simple game that is most appropriate for very young actors (Age 5-8).


1.  One player stands stage right (The Keeper) with his back to the other students.  A set of keys is placed at his feet.

2.  All other players stand stage left, facing the Keeper’s back.

3.  When the Keeper says “Go”, the group can move toward the Keeper to try and get the keys. When the Keeper turns around everyone must freeze. If the Keeper sees anyone “unfrozen”, that player must go back to the start.

4.  This continues until one player grabs the keys. This player now becomes the Keeper.


– Once the kids get the hang of the game, you can introduce variations that will help them explore different characters. (i.e. they must move and freeze as “ballerinas”, “tigers”, “80-year olds”, etc.)

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1 thoughts on “Drama Game: Keeper of the Keys

  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for these great ideas … another variation when the group become proficient, once the get the keys (instead of becoming the keeper) they can work as a team to try and get the keys back stage left without the keeper correctly guessing who has them.

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