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Drama Game: Fast Forward/Rewind (DVR)

remoteType: Improv, Creativity

Purpose: A fun game to play with students who are already a little familiar with improv.


1.  Ask two players to take the stage to create a scene.

2.  Ask the audience for a suggestion of a “who” and “what” (Who the players are, and what they are doing.)

3.  Ask a third student to be the “Remote Holder”.

4. Have the scene begin.

5. At any moment in the scene the “Remote Holder” can call out commands like “Pause”, “Rewind”, “Fast-forward”, “Slow Motion”, etc and the players must act accordingly.

6. After awhile allow a new set of players take the stage and start the process over again.

7.  Some ideas for the “Remote Holder” : use the commands to make a player say a funny phrase of dialogue over and over again, or “pause” in a silly way, etc.


  • If trying to include more kids, consider having three players improv a scene instead of two.
  • Consider giving the”Remote Holder” a character like “Lazy dude on couch” or “Hyper 8 year old”.
  • The player must act as this character when calling out the different commands.

Have other suggestions of what the “Remote Holder” could be called? Leave them in the comments below! 

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