Drama Game: Greetings

handshakeType: Warm-up

Purpose: A fun, simple ice breaker to play with a new group. Helps to get the kids interacting, make choices, and act a little silly in front of each other. Appropriate for young and older kids.


1.  Ask the students to walk around greeting each other.

2.  At first allow them to do this however they feel comfortable (probably with a handshake or a waive).

3.  Then, ask the players the greet each other in a specific way. Encourage them to continue walking around the room, greeting different people each time. Here are some options:

– Greet someone you don’t really trust.

– Greet someone like they are a long lost friend.

– Greet someone who has really bad breathe.

– Greet someone like you have a crush on them.

– Greet each other with a random, made-up language (gibberish). The person receiving the greeting should respond in the same fashion.

– Greet someone like you are a cowboy.

– Greet someone like you are a soldier.

– Greet someone like you are a business person very late to a meeting.

– Greet someone like an elderly person who desperately wants someone to talk to.


4. For older groups, you can continue this exercise by leading into an improvised two-person scene. Ask two students to take the stage, and assign them each one of the suggestions above. Have them begin with a greeting,  then have them continue the scene until you say stop. (For example, Player 1 is an elderly person who wants someone to talk to, and Player 2 is a business person late to a meeting. Begin with a greeting, then continue the scene…action!)

Have other greeting suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

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