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Drama Game: Pass the Pulse

drama game handsType: Focus

Purpose: A calming, silent game to help kids regain focus and work together. Great to play after a high-energy exercise, or at the beginning of a class if kids come in with super high energy (commonly the case for after-school programs!)


1.  Students stand in a circle, hold hands, and close their eyes.

2.  The instructor begins a pulse by lightly squeezing the hand of one of her neighbors.

3. Once that person feels the pulse, she squeezes the hand of her neighbor, and so on, and so on until the pulse returns back to the instructor.

4. This should all happen silently.


– If a student makes a sound or a giggle, consider starting over again until they can do it with complete control.

– For older students, consider sending two pulses around in same direction. Then send two pulses around in opposite directions.

– For a different experience, this game can be made into a competition. Have two equal lines of students facing each other, joining hands, with closed eyes and their heads bowed down. At the end of each line is a chair with a tennis ball on it. At the beginning of the line is a “referee” with a quarter. The referee flips the coin and shows the result  simultaneously to the two students at the front of the lines (they are allowed to have their eyes open). If the coin lands on heads, they must “pass the pulse” until it reaches the last person who must grab the tennis ball. The team that grabs the tennis ball first wins.

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