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Drama Game: Split Screen

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 4.55.01 PMType: Improv, Creativity

Purpose: This is an advanced improv game for older students.

1. Split the stage into two halves (a split screen). Ask two players to take the stage on the left half, and two players to take the stage on the right half.

2.  Ask the audience for a suggestion for a setting for each half. (i.e. Left side is at a circus, Right side is at a dentist’s office.)

3.  The players on the stage right half begin a scene with the other half remains frozen. Where there is a word or phrase that the players on the stage left half could use as a beginning to their scene, they repeat it and begin the scene from that point. When this happens the stage right players freeze.

4. The two halves continue their scenes, each freezing when the other is performing.

5.  The goal for each half is to somehow find a way to bring the scenes together (i.e. A circus performer chips a tooth juggling and must be rushed to the dentist! Or the dentist becomes completely bored with his job and decides to join the circus!)

6. When the two halves come together, the “divider” disappears and all four players briefly continue their scene until the instructor ends the game.

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