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Drama Game: Towel Crossing

towelType: Ensemble Building, Creativity

Purpose: Although this game doesn’t have anything to do with theatre/drama specifically, it’s great for team-building and forces kids to think outside the box.

Materials: 1)  A long beach towel 2) A hand towel (old ones that you don’t mind getting dirty).


1.  Divide the class into groups. Each group should have 4-8 students.

2.  Clear the stage. With masking tape, create a starting line and finish line on opposite sides of the stage.

3.  Ask one group to take the stage and line up behind the starting line. Give the group both the beach towel and the hand towel.

4.  The goal of each group is to get from the starting line to the finish line as quickly as possible, while keeping everyone’s feet ON the towels at all times.

5.  If any team members’ foot touches the floor, they must start over while the clock continues to run.

6.  They can use any technique they can think of.

7.  Use a stopwatch to time each team. The team that accomplishes this task the fastest wins.


– If the kids get stuck, “How else could you use those towels to solve the problem?” “Think outside the box!”

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2 thoughts on “Drama Game: Towel Crossing

    • bbbpress says:

      Sure! Here are a couple thoughts:

      1) They could all scoot to one side of the towel, then rotate and throw the extra material toward the goal, then scoot to that side, then rotate and throw the excess material toward the goal, etc.

      2) They could have their feet on the towels, but their bottoms on the floor, and scoot across quickly. (Remember the rules only said their “feet” have to be on the towel)

      3) They could go across one or two at a time, then throw the towel back to the other side and send another one or two players across, etc.

      Hope this helps!

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