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Drama Game: Name Chant

11Type: Warm-up, Break Out of Shell

Purpose: A fun way to have kids introduce themselves and break out of their shell.

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1.  Create a standing circle.

2. Start a simple rhythm that alternates with a pat on the legs, then a clap:

Pat, Clap, Pat, Clap, etc.

3.  One player at a time does this chant, while the rest of the class keeps the rhythm and says “Yeah!” after each line:

My name is [name]
And I am [age]
I like to [action]
And it goes like this…

4.  After the last line, the player demonstrates the action. Then the rest of the class copies the action and says:

[action] high!
[action] low!
[action] high!
[action] low!

5.  They do the action high and low respectively.

6.  So the full thing might go something like this:

STUDENT:                          CLASS:
My name is Linda             Yeah!
And I am ten                       Yeah!
I like to swim                      Yeah!
And it goes like this…
(Linda demonstrates swimming)


7.  The clapping rhythm starts again and the next player goes.

8.  Continue until every player has had a chance.

NOTE: The second line (about age) can be changed to anything you want the students to learn about each other. If you’re rehearsing a play, the whole chant can be done as “your character” from the play. What type of activity does your character really enjoy?

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