Drama Game: Fortunately, Unfortunately

smile frown drama gameType:  Creativity, Improv

Purpose: Similar to one word story, this is a beginning improv game that helps students create interesting stories by thinking quickly and creatively.


1.  Have the players stand in a circle.

2.  The goal of the group is to tell a coherent story going around the circle, each player contributing one line at a time.

3.  A leader will begin the story with one establishing sentence.

4.  Then every line must alternate between “Fortunately…” and “Unfortunately…”.


  • LEADER: “Once there was a monkey who wanted to be a movie star.”
  • PLAYER 1: “Unfortunately, she lived in the wild far away from civilization.”
  • PLAYER 2:  “Fortunately, she had a cousin who lived in Los Angeles.”
  • PLAYER 3: “Unfortunately, she had no money to buy a plane ticket to Los Angeles.”
  • PLAYER 4: “Fortunately, she was a very fast at swinging through trees so she began her journey to California.”
  • PLAYER 5:  “Unfortunately, her arms go so tired she had to stop and take a nap in a bear cave.”
  • PLAYER 6:  “Fortunately, the bear was out running errands so she had the whole cave to herself.”
  • PLAYER 7:  etc.

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2 thoughts on “Drama Game: Fortunately, Unfortunately

  1. Vinod Kumar K says:

    I have heard of another ‘alternating fortunes’ story. It’s like this. Fortunately it was a clear day for flying. Unfortunately, the man was late to the flying club, fortunately he got a chance in half an hour, unfortunately the plane developed engine trouble, fortunately there was a parachute, unfortunately it did not open, fortunately he managed to spot a huge haystack below him, unfortunately there was a needle in the haystack, fortunately he missed the needle, unfortunately he missed the haystack! You can improvise as you go along….

  2. DrammaJam says:

    Leader: There once was a shark who liked dancing
    player 2: Unfortunately, there were no dance classes in his coral reef
    player 3: Fortunately he had google and could google how to dance
    player 4: Unfortunately he had no service
    player 5: Fortunately he could by a router
    Player 6: Unfortunately it was a Sunday and the store was closed
    player 7: Fortunately his friend had service
    Player 8: Unfortunately his friend was out of town
    player 9: Fortunately he could pick up a new hobby!

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