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Drama Game: Minefield (using stage directions)

drama game minefieldType: Ensemble Building, Focus, Stage Directions

Purpose: This is a fun game to play to help your students become proficient at using stage directions. (There’s also a simpler version that can be played in the “note” below.)


1. Choose one player to be blindfolded.

2.  Ask students to scatter the floor of the stage with random objects (a book, a crumpled piece of paper, a backpack, an eraser, etc.). These objects become the “mines”.

3.  Place the blindfolded player at one end of the stage, while the rest of the class sits in straight lines in front of the stage.

4.  The goal is for the class to direct the blindfolded player from one end of the stage to the other without touching a mine, using precise “stage direction” commands. Each person gives the blindfolded player one direction.

5.  For example:

1st Student: Take two small steps upstage.

2nd Student: Take 4 large steps stage right.

3rd Student: Take a tiny step upstage left.


6. If the blindfolded player touches a “mine”, it “explodes” and their turn is over.

7. Once the turn is over, choose another player to be blindfolded while the class re-scatters the stage and plays again.

NOTE: This game requires students to have already been taught of the basics of Stage Directions. For younger students, this game can be played using regular voice commands as opposed to stage directions (i.e. “walk two steps forward”).

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