Drama Game: Helping Hands

Drama Game Helping HandsType: Improv, Creativity

Purpose: A fun classic game that encourages creativity, quick thinking, and requires excellent focus. Most appropriate for slightly older actors (ages 9 and up).


1.  Ask four players to take the stage, two on each side.

2.  For each duo, one will be the “voice” and the other will be the “arms”. The “voice” player will stand with his hands held behind his back while the “arms” player stands behind him, pokes his hands through and provides the “arms”. (See image.)

3.  Give the players a 2-person scenario (see list below).

4.  The goal is for the players to act out the scene, having the arms and voice match and seem like one character.

SAMPLE SCENARIOS (feel free to add your own in the comments below!)

  • A principal lecturing a student for bringing his pet monkey to school.
  • A chef teaching a student how to make pizza, but the student keeps eating the ingredients.
  • Two muscle-builders at the gym who keeps trying to out-do each other.
  • A grocery clerk and a customer checking out. The grocery clerk keeps falling asleep. etc.


  • Encourage the “voice” players to try and justify all the movements made by the “arms”.
  • Encourage the “arms” players to listen carefully to the “voice” while from time to time making physical offers of their own.
  • Encourage all players to take their time and try to remain in character.

VARIATION: This game can also be used as a variation of The Expert, in which the Expert is played by a “voice” and “arms” player.

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