Drama Game: String Shapes

Drama Game String ShapeType: Warm-Up, Ensemble Building

Purpose: A great teamwork activity for all ages.

Materials: A long piece of string (or yarn, twine, rope).


1.  Lay out a long piece of string in front of the class.

2.  Ask the class to stand and for each student to take hold of a part of the string, holding it with both hands at waist level.

3.  The goal is for the students to work together to create whatever shape you call out. The students must hold onto the string at all times and involve every student in the shape.

4.  Begin with the simplest shape, a circle. Then a square, triangle, rectangle, etc. (For advanced groups; polygons, trapezoid, etc.)

5.  Ask them to come up with some sort of gesture to signify they have completed the shape.

5. After they’ve gotten the hang of it, instruct them to make the shapes without using any words.


– Consider asking the group to make two connected shapes (with the same string).

– Instead of shapes, consider asking them to create the outline of an object or animal.

– For advanced older students, consider challenging them to create a shape with their eyes closed. You may allow them to communicate with words for this challenge.

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