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Drama Game: People, Shelter, Storm

people shelter storm theatre activityType: Warm-Up, Ensemble Building

Purpose: A fun game to get students comfortable with each other and working together.


1.  Clear a large space for the playing area.

2.  Divide the class into small groups; three players to a group.

3.  Explain that within each group there will be two players who form a shelter, while the other player becomes the person living in the shelter. A shelter is formed by two players facing each other, arms extended high placing their palms flat against each other to create a “roof”. The person living in the shelter should duck underneath.

4.  Explain that you are going to call out three words: “People”, “Shelter” or “Storm”.

5.  When you call out “People”, the people must leave their shelters and run to a different one while the shelters stay in place.

6.  Practice this a few times.

7. When you call out “Shelter”, the shelters must break apart and find a new person to build a shelter over.

8.  Practice this a few times, adding in the “People” command as well.

9.  Finally, when you call out “Storm”, everyone runs around for 5 seconds. At the end of 5 seconds new groups of 3 should form with 2 shelters and 1 person. During the “Storm”, shelters can become people and people can become shelters.

10. Continue playing the game, alternating between calling out “People”, “Shelter” or “Storm”.


– If you don’t have the right amount of students to divide evenly, the teacher or assistant may have to play.

– For slightly older students, consider making the game competitive by having the “caller” be a student. When “storm” is called the “caller” joins the game and tries to find a group of 3. Whoever is left out becomes the new “caller”.

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4 thoughts on “Drama Game: People, Shelter, Storm

  1. ieva says:

    Shelter can run together, holding arms together.
    Caller can call: right side!( Then right side of shelter changes places)
    Or: left side! (Then left side of shelters changes places)

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