Episode 08: The Hero Complex and Yes Music Matters – LMM Podcast

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Denver and Brian dig deep into the real reason the heroes need these rings to play on. They also play a full 8-bit version of the Toadstool song, and demonstrate the importance of music in conveying the specific emotion of a character. Finally they give a short preview of the opening number, plus writer’s block!

WRITER’S BLOCK What happens if the heroes don’t collect enough rings to reach their goal? Leave your comment below! ABOUT THE PODCAST Want an inside look at how musicals are written? Join Denver and Brian on this weekly podcast that documents the creation of a 45-minute musical from scratch. If you’re a teacher, actor, director, writer, or just a fan of Broadway musical theatre – subscribe and join the fun! Produced by Beat by Beat Press, the world’s fastest growing publisher of new musicals for young actors. [feature_box style=”30″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” content_font_size=”10″ content_font_font=”Arial” content_font_style=”normal” content_font_spacing=”1″ alignment=”center”]

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2 thoughts on “Episode 08: The Hero Complex and Yes Music Matters – LMM Podcast

  1. Mandi Broadfoot says:

    I really look forward to this podcast each week, because I can’t wait to see how “Press Start” is coming together! Today’s episode was really good — I learned so much from your conversation about the Toadstool song. I hadn’t really thought about the way music reflects the character in that way — length of phrases suggesting confidence or shyness, for instance.

    In terms of the Writer’s Block today, and what the characters have at stake, I was thinking about what has happened to games I used to play. It all goes back to your conversation about “relevance:” If no one’s actually playing your game anymore, your “afterlife” is limited to adorning ironic hipster T-shirts and lunch boxes of kids whose parents think its hilarious to send them to preschool with PacMan under their arm. In fact, maybe PacMan has something to say about this…

    I suppose PacMan has his own app now, though, so I guess he does, in fact, get to “Play On!”

    Thanks so much for this podcast … I feel like I’m getting a master class in writing a musical 🙂

  2. Grant Bowen says:

    Hi guys!

    Finally caught up on all of your episodes so far! I love the show and the fact that we get to listen in on the creative process! As an actor who has started writing plays and musicals within the past year and a half, it’s very inspiring.

    In regards to the Writer’s Block question, what if the heroes had to face their worst relevance-related fear…retirement? Like if they don’t collect enough rings, they can’t continue their adventures and have to end their “careers?” Their glory days would end. Almost like a TOY STORY idea of being stuck in a box in a closet/attic while the kids move on to more recent/trendier games?

    Love the evolution of the Toadstool song!

    Can’t wait to see the end result of this show. Keep up the good work!

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