7 Reasons to Perform a Beat by Beat Musical in 2016

Choosing a Children's Musical


You won’t blow your budget.

Our shows are priced way below those big-name publishers. We have the flexibility to give you low prices because we don’t deal with complicated trademarks, contracts, rights holders, licensing fees…(and other important sounding language.)

Here’s a simple price comparison: an elementary school looking to produce MTI’s The Lion King JR with a video recording license would have to pay around $1,000. That same elementary school wanting to perform The Grunch would only have to pay $299….total. No extra fees or taxes or shipping costs.

Another example: A community theatre wanting to produce a 4-performance run of MTI’s Seussical Jr. would have to pay fees totaling approximately $2,400. That same community theatre producing a 4-performance run of Press Start would only have to pay $659, flat.


Your audiences will love you.

Of course every parent is focused on seeing their pride and joy in the spotlight, no matter the play. So it’s an added bonus when they come to find a completely refreshing and entertaining show. Our favorite comment we consistently hear comes from dads that say “I usually don’t like these kinds of things, but I LOVED THIS!” It’s a director’s ultimate pat on the back.


Built for kids…and kids ONLY.

Beat by Beat musicals aren’t simplified versions of adult musicals. In fact, they are the exact opposite. From day one, we strive to create a show tailor-made for young actors. This means storylines that aren’t built around romance, plenty of roles that showcase a range of actors, and themes that are current and relevant…and laugh out loud funny! LOL!


They’re loved by professionals.

For the past 5 years our musicals have won the top spot at the prestigious New York City Children’s Musical Theatre Festival in Manhattan, beating out hundreds of other shows. That’s because our writers are professionals working in the industry. Most of them honed their craft at the BMI Musical Theatre Workshop – the same training ground that produced Bobby Lopez (Frozen), Alan Menken (Aladdin) and Sheldon Harnick (Fiddler on the Roof).


Our newest musical will tickle your pixel.

Press Start, our newest musical, is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Composed entirely in old-school Nintendo-type synthesizers, this musical taps into the fascination and excitement kids (and adults!) have with video games. It’s now available for licensing so you can be the very first to premiere this show in your community. Click here to learn more and download your FREE ePerusal.


We’re friendly. Like, really friendly.

If you’ve ever had an email or phone conversation with us, you know right away we love what we do. And that means we’re excited to chat with you about anything you need help with. We love creating new musicals and we love directors that love them too! Sometimes this means an overabundance of smiley faces and exclamation points in emails…but we think it makes working more fun!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


They’re easy to produce.

If you place a production request right now and pay by credit card, chances are you’ll have the materials within a couple hours. WOW! Sure beats the couple of weeks, er…months it could take from big publishers (not to mention the endless paperwork). You have enough things to worry about — let “making sure your musical arrives on time” not be one of them.

So bring a Beat by Beat musical to your community. Click here to browse our award-winning collection of 9 musicals – our ePerusals are always FREE.

We’re so excited for 2016-2017 year and all the incredible theatre we’ll make together =)


The Beat by Beat Team

2 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Perform a Beat by Beat Musical in 2016

  1. claire says:

    hi there,

    Do you get the backing tracks for the songs in the production kits? Plus what esle is in there? sorry – cant seem to find the info Thanks

  2. bbbpress says:

    Hi Claire,

    Yes, you receive backing tracks to every song that the kids can perform along with. That’s all included on what we call the “Accompaniment CD” or Accompaniment Tracks.

    With every musical you also receive an Actor Book, Director Book, Piano-Vocal Score, Logo Pack, Vocal CD, Copy License and Video Recording License. It’s all included and there are no additional taxes or shipping charges!

    You can read more about everything that comes in the Production Kit at the link below:



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