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Drama Game: Famous People

drama activity famous peopleType: Creativity

Purpose: A fun game that involves the whole class. It can be tailored to reinforce characters in a specific play your class is studying or rehearsing.


1.  Set up 3 chairs in front of a large writing surface (white board, chalk board, chart paper). The chairs should be facing the audience, with their backs to the writing surface.

2. Ask 3 volunteers to sit in the chairs.

3. Behind each volunteers’ head, write down 3 famous celebrities. The audience should be able to see them, but not the volunteers.

4. The goal is for the volunteers to guess which celebrity they are by asking “yes” or “no” questions to the class. If the response is a “yes”, that volunteers gets to keep asking questions. If it’s a “no”, the turn goes to the next volunteer. (Sample questions could be “Am I female?”, “Am I a child?”, “Do I get swept up in a tornado and land in Oz?”, etc.)

5. Continue until each volunteer guesses correctly.


– If you’re rehearsing a specific play or musical, considering choosing only characters from the story.
– Instead of characters, you could also choose famous places.
– For younger groups, make the category as specific as possible.
– For older groups, consider creating a tournament situation where the first to guess correctly amongst the group of 3 is the “winner”, and the “winners” will play together in a final round at the end for an ultimate championship 🙂

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