Drama Game: Straight Face Introduction

Straight Face Introduction Theatre Activity

Type: Warm-up, Focus

Purpose: A quick, simple game to help kids practice staying in character – even when saying something totally ridiculous.


1.  Have the class stand in a circle.

2.  Instruct the kids that they are to go around the circle one by one introducing themselves. However the catch is: instead of using their real name, they will introduce themselves as the most disgusting food they can think of.

3. Each introduction should follow this format, “Hi everyone, I’m [anchovy pizza with mustard on top], it’s great to meet you.”

4. The goal is for the student who is speaking to always keep a straight face, never laughing or breaking character. The rest of the class of course can laugh.


Consider replacing [disgusting food] with any silly category you can think of. Have a category suggestion? Leave it in the comments below!

For advanced students, consider having them elaborate on their character for awhile. i.e. “Hi everyone, I’m [pickled toenails with tartar sauce], my favorite hobbies are taking long walks, sunbathing, and chess. It’s great to meet you.”

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