Drama Game: Lie to Me

Lie To Me Drama game
Improv, Creativity

Purpose: A fun and simple beginning improv game where 2 players work together.


1. Ask two players to take the stage and face the class (the audience).

2. The two players have a close relationship (siblings or best friends).

3. Explain that you will ask the players a question about something mischievous they did and together they must come up with a lie (explanation). For example, “Josh, Amanda! How did my favorite jewelry end up at the bottom of the pool?”

4. One player starts, then turns to the other who continues the story, then they continue back and forth.

5. The audience may raise their hands and ask questions along the way.

6. Encourage the two players to work together to craft a consistent (if outlandish!) story.

Other sample questions that could be asked (the more silly the better!):

How did little Timmy get locked in pantry?

How did our couch get stuck on the roof?

Why does the house smell like anchovies and burnt toast?

Why are the keys on the piano painted purple?

Why are my oven mitts hanging from the ceiling?

Why is the paparazzi gathered outside the house?

Why are all of our doorknobs missing?

Why are you wearing my wedding dress?

Do you have some suggestions for funny questions that could be asked? Leave them in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Drama Game: Lie to Me

  1. liv says:

    Why is my laptop drying in the sun?
    Why are there five dogs in our front room?
    Why are you both wearing my clothes?
    Why are there so many neighbors standing outside our front door?

  2. Sarah says:

    Why does granddad have cherries hanging from his ears?
    Why did I wake up with a moustache drawn on my face?
    How did a cow get inside Supermarket?
    Why is the school principal doing ballet in the staffroom?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Why is there a hole in the window?
    How did all of my award-winning rose buds in the street?
    Why are your eyes glued shut?
    Why is there a penguin in the school library?

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