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Drama Game: The Huddle

Drama Game The Huddle


Type: Focus, Ensemble Building


1. Instruct the class to quietly and slowly create a huddle (standing close together, arms around each other’s shoulders).

2. Tell them to close their eyes and be completely silent.

3. Lead them through one minute of slow and deep inhales and exhales.

4. When they are relaxed, ask them to slowly move out of the huddle, eyes still closed. They should stay physically connected for as long as they can, until it’s not possible anymore.

5. Ask them to get a sense of the room. Where are the other players? Where are they in relation to everyone else? Tell them to explore the stillness and the energy of the group.

6. After a few minutes, remove a few players, who can then open their eyes and observe what is happening.

7. At the end, have everyone open their eyes and discuss the exercise.

NOTE: Instruct the kids that if you notice anyone being distracting in the huddle (tickling, etc.) you will tap them out and they must sit down. They are clearly not being a team player.

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