Drama Game: The Great Booga Booga Booga

booga boogaType: Creativity, Improv


1.  Ask 3 players to take the stage.

2. One player sits cross-legged, another kneels behind him, and another stands behind him. They have their hands clasped together as if praying and heads bowed. Together, they make up The Great Booga Booga Booga, an oracle-type being that can answer any question with great wisdom!

3. One at a time, ask audience members to pose questions to The Great Booga Booga Booga.

4. The Great Booga Booga Booga will answer the question, with each of the players providing one word at a time. When speaking the players wave their hands to the sides.

5. Every answer should end with “Booga…Booga…Booga…has…spoken!”

6. After a few questions allow other players to become The Great Booga Booga Booga and repeat.

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