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Drama Game: Reflection Web

Drama Game Reflection Web

Type: Ensemble Building

Purpose: A fun, calm activity to play at the end of a session to reflect on the day’s lesson and to reinforce the ensemble.


A ball of yarn.


1. At the end of a session/rehearsal, have the class sit in a large circle.

2. Tell the students to close their eyes. Give the students an open-ended prompt that requires them to positively reflect on the day’s events.

Today I discovered that ___________.
Something I appreciated about our work today was _________.
My favorite part of the today’s lesson was_______ because __________.

3. Give the students about 30 seconds to think of their response. When they have thought of a response they can open their eyes.

4. Repeat the prompt, and then answer it yourself.

5. Then unravel a few feet of yarn, hold onto the end, make eye contact with a student and lightly toss the ball of yarn to her, keeping hold of the end.

6. The new student must now repeat the prompt giving her answer, then hold onto a piece of the yarn and toss to a new player.

7. This should continue until every student has had a chance and is holding onto a piece of the yarn.

8. The result should be a beautiful web!

9. Discuss how this web is a visual representation of all the new connections and ideas that were formed today. And that by sharing and connecting they have created something strong. (At this point I like to show how strong it is by having everyone hold their end tight, and throwing a backpack or two or three onto the center…but I leave this up to you =)


Remind the students to make eye contact with the player before tossing the yarn.

Toward the end have the students who have not received the yarn yet raise their hands.

It’s OK if two students have a similar response.

Remind the students to have enough slack in the yarn before they throw it.


If you’d like to roll the yarn back up, you can give the students another prompt and have them go in exact reverse order (throwing it back to whomever threw it to them). The new prompt could be something about improvement or wonder, i.e. “Something I don’t quite understand is ________”. or “Something that I think could make today better would be ______”.

Have a suggestion for a great prompt? Leave it in the comments below!

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