Drama Game: Three Words

Drama Game 3 Words

Type: Improv

Purpose: A fun beginner improv activity that involves every player at the same time.


1.  Divide the class into pairs.

2. Have each pair decide on who is Player A and who is Player B.

3. Call out three words that are unrelated (i.e. “Palm Tree”, “Saturn”, “Shoelace”)

4. Player A has one minute to tell Player B a story that somehow incorporates all three of those words.

5. After the minute is up, call out three new words. Now Player B has one minute to tell Player A a story that incorporates those words.

6. If time permits, consider asking for volunteers to share the best stories in front of the class.

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1 thoughts on “Drama Game: Three Words

  1. Patricia Whyte says:

    I used this in my after school drama club but at the end of each one, the rest of the children had to work out which were the three words they had had to incorporate into the story!

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