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Theatre Rehearsal Tip: Thought Bubble Tableau

Drama Rehearsal Though Bubble Tableau

Type: Rehearsal Tip

Purpose: When rehearsing a play or musical, at some point you’ll reach a scene that you feel just isn’t working. It could be that the scene has fallen flat from over-rehearsal, or it may be a complex scene that just doesn’t seem to gel. Below is a quick little activity that can help.

Prep: Print out a thought bubble on card stock. Cut it out and paste it to a popsicle stick. (This isn’t completely necessary for the activity but adds an element of fun especially for younger kids.) Here’s a sample thought bubble.


1.  Ask the actors to rehearse the scene.

2. At any point shout “Freeze”. The actors must freeze in place.

3. Hold the thought bubble over an actor’s head. This is a cue for that actor to say what their character is thinking at this very moment.

4. Feel free to repeat with multiple characters.

This activity helps actors understand how their characters are always connected in some way to the action happening onstage. And that these thoughts are what should guide their expressions and reactions. A focused cast that consistently stays connected to the story will result in a more engaging play from the perspective of the audience.

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