Drama Game: Three Ball Toss (Name Game)

Type: Focus, Ensemble Building

Purpose: A great way to work on focus and collaboration through a repetitive physical activity. 

Materials: 3 bean bags or light balls for the kids to throw.


1. Have the class stand in a circle.

2. Begin by introducing just 1 ball to the group.

3. Tell the class that the goal of this game is to pass this ball to each person of the group. The way to do this is to first make eye contact with someone else, say that person’s name, then gently throw the ball to that person. 

4. This will continue until every single person has had the ball once. At the end the ball should return to the instructor.

5. Begin the round. Toward the end, it may be difficult for the students to remember who has not received the ball yet – so ask those who have not yet participated to raise their hands. 

6. After you have successfully completed a full round, ask every student to point to who threw the ball to them.

7. Then, ask everyone to point to who they threw the ball to.

8. This is now the official pattern of the game and the students must remember it.

9. Repeat the round tossing the ball in the exact same pattern. Repeat again several times, gradually speeding up, until the students are experts.

10. Now, begin the round, but after a few passes, introduce the 2nd ball, that will be tossed in the same pattern following the 1st ball.

11. Then, introduce a 3rd ball.


For advanced students, after they’ve gotten the hang of the game, try tossing the ball in the REVERSE pattern. Then, try tossing one ball in the normal pattern and one ball in the REVERSE pattern at the same time! Good luck!

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3 thoughts on “Drama Game: Three Ball Toss (Name Game)

  1. Sharon says:

    Love this game and played it often. I used it to teach he concept of blocking and the importance of always knowing where you are going next on the stage!

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