Drama Game: Ninja Star, Baby Kitten, Angry Chihuahua

Type: Warm-Up

Purpose: A fun short warm-up to loosen kids up and have them practice pantomime. 


1. Have the class silently walk around an open space.

2. Tell the students that they are going to mime passing different objects from person to person as they walk through the space. To pass an object, they must make perfect eye contact with the person they are passing to.

3. Begin by making eye contact with a student and throwing them a ninja star. Feel free to add a sound.

4. This ninja star should now get thrown from student to student till it comes back to you.

5. Next, throw a baby kitten. Encourage the students to add a sound as they pass it.

6. Next, pass an angry chihuahua

7. Reflect on how each of the objects were passed differently.


Feel free to take student suggestions on other objects that can be passed.

Have a suggestion for a fun object? Leave it in the comments below!

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