Drama Game: Magical Connection

Type: Focus, Observation/Communication

Purpose: This game involves the instructor and an “assistant” who together have a secret form of communication, and the class who must guess what that “magic” communication is. This activity will help the whole class to focus, to think outside the box, and to explore all the different ways two people can communicate.


1. Before the class begins, pull one student aside in private. Tell that student that you would like her to be your special assistant during this activity, but she must know the secret to the game. Tell your assistant: “When the class assembles, I’m going to tell them that you and I have a special, magical connection. So magical that we can communicate just with our minds. I will then ask you to leave the room and close the door behind you. I will then ask the class to choose one object in the room. I will then ask you to come back in. I will then list objects in the room, one by one, and you will be able to know exactly which object the class has chosen. Here’s the trick: the correct object will be whichever object comes after an object that is all black. The class will not know this, but you will! They will think it’s magic!”

2. Once your assistant understands the game, you can begin the activity with your class.

3. Tell the class that their goal is to guess the “magical” form of communication that you and your assistant have.

4. Have your assistant leave the room.

5. Ask the class to choose an object.

6. Ask your assistant to come back in.

7. Begin listing objects: “Is it this chair? Is it this marker? Is it this (black) stapler? Is it this binder?” The assistant will know it’s the binder because it came after the black stapler.

8. The class will be amazed 🙂

9. Ask your class to guess how your assistant knew the correct object.

10. Repeat the exercise, making sure you do it in a different way showing that their guess is incorrect.


– If someone guesses that you always point at the correct object on the 3rd question, repeat the trick with a different object and point to it on the 5th try, or the 2nd.

– If someone guesses it’s because of the way you point at the object, make sure you point a different way next time.

– After the game you can lead into a discussion about different ways two characters might communicate when together in a scene. Or how two characters knowing something a third does not changes the power dynamic.

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