Drama Game: Two-Headed Monster Dance

Type: Warm-Up

Purpose: A fun warm-up that allows everyone to be a little silly and breaks down barriers.


1.  Have the students pair up (preferably to someone they don’t know very well.)

2. Tell the pairs to stand back to back and to hook their elbows together.

3. Play some music with a beat. The pairs must dance to the music as a if they were a single two-headed monster.

4. After a few laughs, tell them to lock up with another pair to create a 4-headed monster dance.

5. Then an 8-headed monster dance!

6.  Then have the whole class lock together to create one gigantic monster dance.

Feel free to switch up the music to allow the “monsters” to explore different types of dance moves.


Was it easy or hard to dance when connected to someone else?

What type of moves were the easiest? How about the hardest?

As we work together as an ensemble we’ll learn to become more comfortable, and grow more in sync with each other.

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