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Drama Game: Moose!

Type: Creativity, Improv

Purpose: This fast-paced improv game helps students quickly be able to justify their actions in the middle of an improv. This game is best for slightly older students with some improv experience.


1. Have the class stand in a circle.

2. Go around the circle having each student count off as “A” and “B” alternatively.

3. Ask the first A and B pair to your left to enter the circle.

4. Tell Player A to turn her back to Player B. Tell Player B to begin some repetitive motion.

5. When Player A turns around, she should enter Player B’s scene and make an offer (establish a relationship and make a strong statement)

6. Player B must then justify his action in a way that makes sense within the scene.

7. If the group doesn’t think Player B’s response was good enough, they yell “Moose!” and Player B must try a different response. After 3 failed attempts the pair must sit down.

8. Continue going around the circle allowing every pair a chance.


PLAYER A turns her back.

PLAYER B begins waving his hand very quickly.

PLAYER A turns and says to PLAYER B “Dr. Lee, I’ve been waiting for hours…are you ready to see me now?”

PLAYER B (still waving his hand): “Ahem, why yes, just trying to get the last bit of this flu virus off my hand.”


– Instead of a repetitive action, Player B could simply strike a funny pose.

– Make sure you encourage the group to not overuse their “Moose” veto power 🙂

– Instead of “Moose”, you can have the students come up with their own funny word.

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