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Drama Game: The Truth About Me

Type: Ensemble Building

Purpose: Participants share truths about themselves in order to find commonalities amongst the group. This game is suggested for slightly older actors.

Materials Needed: Painter’s Tape or Post-It Notes


1. Give each student a small piece of painter’s tape or a post-it note. To start, each person must stand at a specific spot in the circle. Ask the students to take the tape or post-it note and place it between their feet.

2. The facilitator stands in the middle of the circle.

Explain: As you notice I do not have a spot. The objective of the game will be for me to take one of your spots. How I will do that is by saying something that is true for me. I will say “My name is ______, and the truth about me is __________.” If that is also true for you, you will move and find a new spot in the circle (kind of like musical chairs). Then the person that no longer has a spot will move to the middle and and share a truth. The goal of the game is to get multiple people to move, so you should share a fact with that in mind.

4. Before we begin, how might we play safely? Any other rules you think we should add to the game to help us stay committed to our community contract?

5. Play multiple rounds.

6. Gather in a standing circle to reflect.

Reflection Questions:

How did this game make you feel?
What did you notice about the group?
What were statements that made a lot of people move?
What were statements that made only a few people to move?
What was it like to be in the middle of the circle?
How do you think we worked as an ensemble?
This game asked us to share something that was true about ourselves. Why is that important?

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