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Introducing…The Show Must Go Online! A Virtual Children’s Musical


[Update April 6, 2020: This show is now available! Click here to learn more.]

It breaks our heart to hear that so many theatre performances have been postponed or cancelled. This means there are so many actors out there that won’t have a chance for a final performance.

So we wanted to come up with a way to help, and at Beat by Beat we thought we’d do what we do best…write a musical!

We’re currently working on the world’s first children’s musical specifically written to be rehearsed and performed remotely.
Each actor will receive a 1 minute scene/song to rehearse, video record, and upload. When all the videos are played in order, they tell the hilarious story of a group of passionate students desperate to keep their annual musical alive…online!

Click the video above to get a behind the scenes look into the plans for creating this show. Then reply to this email and let us know if this is something you’d be interested in. We’re all figuring this out as we go along.

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