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2022 Back-to-School Drama Resources: A Complete List from Beat by Beat

Below is a 2022 complete list of Beat by Beat resources for all your drama-related back-to-school needs.

Whether you’re looking for lesson plans, monologues, remote theatre activities, or musicals to perform, we hope you’ll find something that will help you in the classroom this coming year.

Free Stuff

Drama Games Blog
Over 150 free drama games and teaching tips

How to Use Scenes in Your Drama Class
A free 16-page eBook

Drama Teacher Hub
A private Facebook group for the BBB community and other leading educators (now over 8,000 members)

Beat by Beat YouTube Channel
Clips of BBB Musicals and other fun stuff! Over 7k subscribers, 3.8 million video views.

Teaching Theatre Online Blog
A list of free tools & resources for distance learning.

Let’s Make a Musical Podcast
A 27-episode podcast documenting the creation of Press Start. 

Teaching Drama Resources (eBooks)

Teaching Drama: The Essential Handbook
16 ready-to-go lessons plans for kids 7-14

Teaching Drama to Little Ones
12 ready-to-go lesson plans for kids 3-7

Contemporary Monologues for Young Actors
54 monologues for actors age 7-14

Fantasy Monologues for Young Actors
52 monologues for actors age 7-14

Contemporary Scenes for Young Actors
34 two- and three-person scenes for kids age 7-16

Drama Games for Kids
111 games in a printable PDF

Teaching Playwriting: The Essential Handbook
Step-by-step lesson plans on how to introduce playwriting in a classroom setting.

Teaching Improv: The Essential Handbook 
How to teach short form improv to kids and teens.

Teaching Theatre Online
Step-by-step lesson plans for virtual theatre camps and classes.

Group Scenes for Young Actors
A collection of 32 scenes for young actors with 3+ characters

Children’s Musicals for Kids Age 7-14

We Are Monsters
An exclusive monster cabaret. (45 minutes)

An exciting adventure through musical lands. (60 minutes)

Journey of the Noble Gnarble
An inspirational journey to the top of the ocean. (30 minutes)

The Grunch
A love letter to musical theatre. (60 minutes)

The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever
A typical backyard birthday party turns EPIC. (45 minutes)

Space Pirates!
A whirlwind space adventure. (45 minutes)

Tut, Tut!
The story of King Tut mixed with “The Prince and the Pauper” (60 minutes)

Press Start
Step inside the bright, pixelated world of video games. (45-minutes)

Giants in the Sky 
This magical story explores the world of Giants who live above the clouds. (50 minutes)

Sally Sells Seashells (And You Can, Too!)
A hilarious and heartfelt exploration of the “Sally” behind the famous tongue-twister. (60 minutes)

This STEM musical invites humans and robots alike to discover the power of technology and teamwork. (45 minutes)

Leap Day!
It’s Leap Day, and the Days of the Week have come to the House of Father Time with a very urgent request! (30 minutes)  

The Claw
When an out-of-order claw game suddenly turns back on, all of the toys are ecstatic! (45 minutes)

Virtual Musicals for Kids

The Show Must Go Online
The world’s most popular virtual musical with over 1,000 productions worldwide!

Super Happy Awesome News!
A virtual musical about two siblings who launch rival good news networks!

Could You Hug A Cactus?
A hybrid musical designed to be easily performed virtually, in-person, or a combination of both.

Christmas Musicals for Kids

‘Twas the Week After Christmas
A Christmas musical about what happens when the North Pole loses the Christmas Spirit. (35 minutes) 

Nativity Plays for Kids

A contemporary take on the story Jesus’ birth, perfect for kids.

The Mysterious Animal
A nativity play that tells the story of Jesus’ birth from the perspective of the animals in the barn.

A Very Mixed-Up Christmas Pageant
A Christmas Pageant with kids dressed in Halloween costumes!

The Good News Goes Viral

A virtual nativity play written to be performed remotely! 

Dramatic Play for Middle/High-Schoolers

Before the Bell

A riveting drama about a bullying incident that occurs on a high school campus.

Individual Songs for Kids to Perform

Three Feet Tall

Only the Theatre for Me

My Treehouse

Jazz Hands

All Part of the Magic

The Dream

Queen of the World

Little Spaces

Christmas Singles Collection
10 Holiday classics arranged for young voices.

If there’s something you need that’s not on this list, comment below and let us know!

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