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A Very Mixed-Up Christmas Pageant

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What happens when kids show up to perform a traditional Christmas Pageant…in their Halloween costumes?!

That’s what happens in this contemporary spin on a traditional nativity play. It’s up to Leslie to improvise her way through the story of Jesus’ birth in a hilarious and heartfelt way that connects biblical figures with modern day superheroes and more. In the end everyone learns that its OK to be a little “mixed-up” – sometimes it all happens for a reason.

There are 5 carols throughout that allow participation by the whole audience.

Number of Songs: 5
Script: 17 Pages (PDF)
Run-Time: 20-30 minutes (dependent on length of hymns)
Age: Lower-Upper Elementary/Middle School
Cast Size: 11 to 15+

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A Very Mixed-Up Christmas Pageant