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Listen to a preview from our upcoming new musical FRANKIE BUILDS ANDROIDS

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Listen to a preview from our upcoming new musical Frankie Builds Androids slated for release on February 8th, 2024. 

Frankie Builds Androids is a 70-minute sci-fi musical comedy written specifically for middle school-age actors, by the award-winning creative team at Beat by Beat.

Step into the world of ‘Frankie Builds Androids’, a quirky sci-fi musical comedy that tackles the struggles of fitting in during middle school. Meet Frankie, a brilliant student with a unique problem – she can’t seem to connect with her classmates.

When a group project goes awry, Frankie devises an unconventional solution: she replaces her classmates with android replicas, each programmed to correct their flaws. What follows is a hilarious and unexpected adventure that challenges our ideas of community and perfection.

Featuring a catchy pop score, ‘Frankie Builds Androids’ delves into the stories we weave around each other and the realization that a community devoid of imperfections isn’t a community at all.

Music & Lyrics by DENVER CASADO
Concept, Additional Music & Lyrics by ANDREW FOX





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