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Click above to listen to a song from Beat by Beat’s newest musical Frankie Builds Androids.

Available for perusal and licensing on February 8th, 2024 exclusively on this website.

Frankie Builds Androids is a 70-minute sci-fi musical comedy written specifically for middle-school and up, by the award-winning creative team at Beat by Beat Press.

Meet Frankie, a brilliant but socially awkward student who can’t seem to connect with her classmates. At the start of school, she finds herself abandoned by her best friend, Avery, and all alone. When a group project goes awry, Frankie devises an unconventional solution: she replaces all her classmates with android replicas, each programmed to correct their flaws. What follows is a hilarious and unexpected series of events that challenges our ideas of belonging and perfection. Featuring a breathtaking synth-pop score, this sci-fi musical comedy explores the ways we build narratives around one another and how a community where everyone is exactly the same is not a community at all.

Music & Lyrics by DENVER CASADO
Concept, Additional Music & Lyrics by ANDREW FOX

Orchestrations by ANDREW FOX
Mixing by JEFF DAYE
Featured Vocalist ABIGAIL MORRISON

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1 thoughts on “Listen to “Avery’s Song” from FRANKIE BUILDS ANDROIDS: A NEW MUSICAL

  1. Laura Martin says:

    I like what I heard! I will be interested in knowing who the characters are and if a soundtrack will be available for performances.

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