Let’s Make a Musical

Musical Theatre Podcast
Want an inside look at how musicals are written?

Join Beat by Beat writers Denver Casado and Brian Dawson on this weekly musical theatre podcast that documents the creation of a 45-minute musical from scratch.

This podcast originally aired in 2015-2016.

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EPISODE 1: What Should We Write About?

EPISODE 2: Song Ideas, Opening Number and Subplot

EPISODE 3: 8-bit Music, More Characters and Structure

EPISODE 4: Creating a Protagonist and Writing for Young Actors

EPISODE 5: Scene Breakdown and Video Game Music

EPISODE 6: Writing A “I Want” Song and Musical Theatre Lyrics

EPISODE 7: Scenes 1 to 15 plus a Performance of “The Final Level”

EPISODE 8: The Hero Complex and Yes Music Matters

EPISODE 9: Interview with Writer and Lyricist Betina Hershey

EPISODE 10: Deus Ex Machina (say what?)

EPISODE 11: Pitching the Show to Hollywood Producer Jason Koffeman

EPISODE 12: The Pac Man Song

EPISODE 13: Pop Music vs. Musical Theatre: What happened?

EPISODE 14: A New Opening Number

EPISODE 15: The Villain Song and New Sidekicks

EPISODE 16: The Heroes’ First Number

EPISODE 17: Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

EPISODE 18: Short Update on Script Work

EPISODE 19: Let’s Talk About “Tut, Tut!”

EPISODE 20: Working Out Scene 2

EPISODE 21 : Update on Script Work

EPISODE 22: First draft? Done.

EPISODE 23: 8-Bit Opening Number Goodness

Baby Update

EPISODE 24: The Hero Song and Sidekick Song

EPISODE 25: Script Adjustments Before First Read-Through

EPISODE 26: LIVE Full Read-Through of PRESS START!

EPISODE 27: Studio Recordings and Publication